Technologies: JavaScript

VendingSocks was an online shop for socks and underwear. It also provided a backend system for tracking of the warehouse availability of stock and a discount system.


The website is no longer active, but its final version is available at

Date of completion: 5/27/2013


Short description: The eGuide project represents the work of teachers and students from Bulgaria, Finland, France, Italy, Slovakia and Turkey.

Date of completion: 1/1/2011


Short description: The idea of the project is to give teachers the opportunity to create tests and to examine their students. Also to help students in their self-preparation for an examination or just to test their knowledge. The system has an intuitive interface which makes its usage extremely easy.

Date of completion: 3/27/2013


Short description: DialaManager is a web-based tool for managing the production process in a tailoring company. It has a rich functionality which provides all the necessary tools for such companies.

Date of completion: 11/1/2010


Short description: phpBGSchool is a CMS that was made to help schools create their own website with no or very small effort. It was created with modules which would be useful for creating such websites - school schedules, info pages, news section, events and more.

Date of completion: 8/31/2010


Short description: The official web site for the youth club "DOMINO" in Rousse.

Date of completion: 12/30/2011


Short description: VendingSocks was an online shop for socks and underwear.